Hearth Room - Keeping Room

Hearth Rooms today: Should homes have one in 2020?

Traditionally the warmest room in a home: The Hearth Room!

Hearth Rooms originate from the kitchens of old homes when kitchens were the busiest rooms in houses. Preparing food was lengthy and often required multiple family members to contribute to the process in come capacity. In kitchens was also one of the most important features in homes, the fireplace.

Hearth Room and Fireplace
The focal point of a Hearth Room is traditionally the fireplace

Origins of Hearth Rooms

Hearth Rooms originate from the kitchens of old homes when kitchens were the busiest rooms in houses. Preparing food was lengthy and often required multiple family members to contribute to the process in come capacity. In kitchens was also one of the most important features in homes, the fireplace.

Useful to know: There’s a new and strong trend in home building that includes a Hearth Room near the kitchen, as it’s been for centuries.

The fireplace in the old days

The fireplace had many purposes; it would be used to cook the food, to provide heat for the room, for lighting, and many others, but one of the most important uses was as a focal point of family life. Stories would be told, plans would be made, traditions taught, memories past down the generations and was, therefore, a great vehicle for keeping alive culture and family history.

Antique kitchens today

Since kitchens stopped needing a fireplace, although you can still find plenty of old homes with the original fireplace still featuring as a beautiful antique memory of the past, and sometimes it’s still used, it’s not needed to cook or as a source of heat or lighting.

Modern rooms with a fireplace

However, the bonding moments spent near the fireplace are still coveted and, also thanks to larger homes on average than in the past centuries, they are often happening elsewhere. Other suitable rooms in home with a fireplace are being used for building and maintaining relationships in a warm, comfortable, relaxing setting. Around a fireplace is always a great place, just think about fire-pits and how people like to hang out around a fire that is very inefficient at keeping people warm, offers limited options for cooking food, but everybody likes just as the perfect focal point around which conversations run so smoothly.

Cozy rooms with a fireplace

These rooms which create the right atmosphere and nurture relationships, especially at a family level, are an evolution of the kitchen with many purposes of the old days and hearth rooms are, in fact, typically located in close proximity to kitchens. They are the spill over rooms for those who don’t stay in the kitchen and in that sense they are perfectly to briefly entertain family, relatives and other informal guests while meals are finalized in the kitchen by the hosts.

Use of Hearth Rooms

In more practical terms, hearth rooms allow a host who is still busy preparing food in the kitchen, to be in close proximity to the guests, who otherwise inconveniently tend to gather in the kitchen and get in the way of the meal preparers. It also allows a host who wants to hang out with the guests, to run and check in the kitchen without delay or impediment.

Hearth Rooms, Family Rooms and Living Rooms

They are also great to use right after an informal meal and are just a more intimate type of family room and sometimes actually replace it in a combination of hearth room/family room. The difference between the two clearly being size and function, since a family room is designed for more people and for more uses, with a fireplace being just one of many features if present at all. A hearth room, instead, has the fireplace as an almost essential feature and the focal point of the room, for use and for design. Living Rooms instead are always much more formal and stylish, and therefore used much less than both Hearth Rooms and Family Rooms.

Keeping Rooms

Also known as Keeping Rooms, Hearth Rooms are increasingly present in modern homes following a trend that sees some older interpretation of homes and their rooms and spaces becoming more popular.

Traditional floor-plans today

After the peak in use of family rooms, maybe home owners are resurrecting some older homes’ uses and layouts. Open floor plans are still appealing, but spaces and areas which are being kept separate are coming back. Especially kitchens spilling over and into family rooms, living rooms, and other spaces are not so universally in demand as they were. The #stay-at-home induced by the pandemic certainly added value to separate areas and we’ll see the lasting effect on home design of today’s practical needs.

Did you know? Hearth Rooms were called Keeping Rooms, especially in areas like New England.

(Reason? Unknown so far, despite quite some research, we will update this article as soon as we find out. So far, the only clue would be that Hearth Rooms were called Keeping Rooms because of the important source of heat in the fireplace, therefore Keeping for Keeping Warm, but it’s not clear nor confirmed. For sure the heat was important back in the day as sometimes, during the coldest nights, Keeping Rooms would be used to sleep in, which nowadays is every kid’s fun dream like pillow fights and bedroom blanket forts!)

Sitting Furniture

Another very specific feature of Hearth Rooms, modern, but also traditional, is the presence of very comfortable sitting furniture, to go with the cozy fireplace and atmosphere of a real Keeping Room. While there could be other furniture, including some sort of table and chairs for informal dining, a real Hearth Room has sofas, couches and easy chairs typically wrapping around the room with the fireplace (or stove) as the focal point. Soft lighting, rugs or carpet, side tables, coffee tables and a little storage can also be frequently present.

Modern homes

Recently, in most modern homes, this room was absorbed into family rooms as they became so popular, inclusion of a separate hearth or keeping room is coming back, as its function cannot be fulfilled by any other room in a home just as well; family rooms are not so focused, living rooms are too formal, kitchens can’t be as cozy and comfortable. As homes become larger, and there’s more room than strictly necessary, hearth rooms appear consistently. The pandemic only makes keeping rooms more relevant and useful with some effect that is going to outlast the pandemic and be an appealing feature for a long time in the future.

Hearth Room in our Sterling Home

With spaces and rooms for all purposes, our Sterling home, once again, has space and an area dedicated to being used as a hearth room, and a very nicely, conveniently and intelligently designed one!

Perfect Hearth Room

It checks all the boxes, with its close proximity to the kitchen and to the informal dining area; that’s so great to allow family and friends waiting for a meal to be prepared and served from the kitchen, while the host can be in close contact while preparing, without the distraction of having multiple guests hanging out in the kitchen.

It also boasts a great seating arrangement and, very importantly, a nice fireplace as the perfect focal point of the room, making it a model hearth room (or keeping room).

The Fireplace

Just to show the amount of thought that was put into the design of this beautiful home, the fireplace is a clean, easy to maintain gas fueled one. There’s still a wood fireplace in the home, in the grand family room, so you don’t miss anything in this prestigious single family home.

Hearth Room with a view

The room also enjoys a beautiful view through a large bay window, to the south and towards the open space of the golf course and beautiful sunsets only made better by the elevation.

One of many fireplaces

While there are many fireplaces throughout the home, this space is perfect for use as a hearth room or keeping room, being so close and in direct view of the kitchen, boasting a nice and easy fireplace, have a great layout for sitting furniture and being sizable enough for many people, family and guests.

Perfect for socializing

It originally had a TV above the fireplace, but moving it to the great family room allows the hearth room to be true to its tradition and make the fireplace the only, real focal point…

Bay Window

The view to the West is just a bonus that is great to offer to guests and to look over the deck area. Beautiful and unimpeded views towards the golf course can be enjoyed through the bay window in the hearth room.

Modern trends favoring Hearth Room comeback

Right off the kitchen, this hearth room follows tradition and functions just like it did in the centuries, allowing to entertain guests before gathering around the table, but within easy reach of the kitchen. Warm, beautiful views, located near the heart of the home, it doesn’t surprise that modern homes like this have started incorporating such room, sometimes renaming them in more modern ways, like “flex room” or other terms considered more marketable.

Bay window in a Hearth ROom
A cozy Hearth Room with the luxury of great views

Terms of availability: Rare Opportunity to Acquire such a Home

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Deck - Sterling MA - Single Family Home For Sale - Rent-to-Own

Decks! A great feature to have, real deal-makers!

What’s a Deck and what does it look like in our Sterling Home? How is a Deck different from a Patio, Balcony, Courtyard, Porch, Floating Platform and more…

Decks are more important in a home that many think, Sellers and Buyers. They can be eye-catching and just pay attention when a Buyer views a property with a Deck during a beautiful weather day and see how longer they stay on the Deck compared to other rooms and areas of the house. Despite a Deck being pretty simple and often bare, it’s remarkable how much interest it clearly has. It can make the difference between a deal closed and a deal missed.

Great Deck in Sterling Home
Wide and deep Deck with great private views

Decks in Home Construction

Decks are typically elevated wooden platforms for dwelling built attached to the main building. Access is from the house through doors and from the lower level via stairs. A railing is installed primarily for safety. They are typically built at the back or even the sides of the house.

(Very) Useful to know: A wooden deck is (one of) the most cost-effective home improvement project (N.A.R.)

A very attractive, yet so useful feature

In their simplicity, Decks catch buyers’ eye and make a lasting effect as it’s easy to imagine how it can be used. They are a projection of the indoors onto the surrounding grounds and they convey the feeling of being outside, close to nature, but not quite to have to forego the convenience and comfort of being within easy steps of the building. Especially in deck-friendly areas where the outdoors is enjoyable for a long period of time, just like swimming pools, Decks can be very often used by families privately and for larger gatherings.

Simple feature

The simplicity of a well built Deck comes with many benefits including a relatively low maintenance and impressive durability. A good weatherproof staining job will have to be repeated only after years, while keeping it clean requires a quick pressure washer treatment. Despite not having much protection from the elements, a wooden deck can last 10 to 30 years, while if built with composite materials, their lifetime can extend to double that of one in wood.

Difference between decks and other outdoor features

Patios are outdoor spaces also, but they are situated on the ground, rather than elevated. Their shape is much more flexible than a Deck and they can be anywhere, close or attached to the building or totally detached. They can also be built with many different materials, but generally all capable of dealing with any issues that may arise from being directly on the ground. Decks are attached to the building, but detached from the ground, often supported by footings in metal and cement, with the rest made out of wood or similar material, like composite.

The lack of a roof makes Decks different from porches which are also partially enclosed, from sunrooms which are totally enclosed. Balconies are an extension of the building itself, projecting out from the structure of the house rather than a separately built and supported feature. Pergulas are a covering, sometimes over Decks as well like awnings and canopies. Courtyards are similar to patios, but surrounded and enclosed by walls.

Finally, floating platforms are similar to Decks, typically built in wood, but stand detached from buildings. They are usually more or less elevated from the ground which is always a good idea when using wood, but also to minimize the chance of harboring critters.

Intense use and versatility

Especially in the warm and dry season, Decks can be used quite intensely as a place to socialize, to relax, and also for food and drink consumption. The image of a deck with a BBQ grill is a classic, but some add food preparation stations or even a kitchen, in line with the use as an extension outdoors of usual home activities.


A carefully designed Deck can be a feature of beauty and a great statement from outside, sometimes having multiple levels and architecturally sophisticated layouts. They are often designed and positioned to enjoy the view of the outdoors and ideally built facing the West and South for sunsets and full exposure to sunlight, or East to enjoy a relaxed breakfast or brunch and admire the early light of the day at the same time. Sometimes they project out to enjoy 270 degrees of views and the sun rays all day. Decks, since they usually don’t have any heavier covering than an awning or canopy, don’t require supports that would impede and therefore are a great way to enjoy unobstructed views of the outdoors.

Deck in our Sterling Home

There’s nothing missing in our single family home located in Sterling, MA, so of course there’s a beautiful Deck. It’s wide and deep, well built with a beautiful railing. Access is intelligently from the side of the house to not disrupt the neat architecture of the back of the house including the beautiful Deck railing itself. The Deck is built over the poolhouse/lodgeroom and it can be accessed through sliding doors from the main living area of the house. You can step right onto the Deck from the informal dining and kitchen area. A further door opens onto the Deck from the family room granting direct access from an intensely used space like a family room.

Did you know? Deck, in home building, is from deck, in ship building, as they both are usable, open, flat surfaces traditionally built as wood platforms

The perfect deck?

Ideally a Deck faces the sun, so South, and also, for privacy reasons, in the back of the house. Additionally, for easy access from the most used areas of the home and for welcoming and entertaining guests, Decks are accessible off family rooms or other living areas of the home. Finally, Decks are often designed and built where the best views can be enjoyed, often aided by an elevated and unobstructed view. Our home in Sterling has a beautiful and large deck which checks all the boxes; it faces South, perfect for basking in the unobstructed sun. It’s 1 story above the backyard level with beautiful views on already elevated ground looking over the golf course. It’s large, private, overlooking the pool area, the patio and backyard lawn. It’s in great shape, low maintenance and easily accessible from the main living area through sliding doors from the informal dining room and kitchen area, and through a separate door from the family room. The stairs are easy and wide and climb up from the side of the house, leaving the front of the deck railing uninterrupted and undisturbed which enhances the great aesthetics of this beautiful Deck. What else does a Deck need to be perfect?

South facing Deck
Perfectly designed and built Deck blessed by the sun and with a great and open view

Terms of availability: Rare Opportunity to Acquire such a Home

This home is offered for sale, but can also be sold on a flexible lease-option/lease-purchase or on owner finance/seller finance for the deserving buyer….

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Family Room in Sterling, MA for lease-purchase

Homes 2020 & Family Rooms: How Different than Living Rooms?

Or are they the same, they’re just a marketing term?

Family Rooms: a very convenient room in today’s homes

What’s a Family Room and what does it look like in our Sterling Home?

What a Family Room!

Family Rooms have become one of the most important areas of today’s homes, only enhanced by the pandemic challenges of staying home more, longer and comfortably only with close family members.

Useful to know: In a hotel, typically a “family room” means children are allowed to sleep there with their parents, usually up to 3 plus 2 adults.

Families at home during pandemic

Stories of binge show streaming are common and the best place to do so, is the family room!

Its importance has only become greater, but it was already a critical area for many families already, as the informal center of family activities & recreation, like watching TV, listening (or playing) to music, talking, reading and so on.

Difference family room – living room

A more formal living room is very different; it’s often reserved only for special occasions and guests, and for that reason usually located at the front of the house and near the main entrance, to welcome guests straight into the more stylish room, in parallel and possibly in connection to the formal dining room. A family room, instead, is more conveniently located at the back of the house and near the kitchen.

Family rooms tend to be the largest, the busiest and most used rooms aside from the kitchen and the real center of gravity for all family members.

Intense use and versatility

The intense use of many family members requires a space that is extremely versatile and that must cover many different uses, from TV room, to gaming, playing with toys, simple hanging out and for casual meals and snacks. It can also be used as school room, in these times of widespread remote learning, but also crafts and, generally speaking, just the place to be when family members want to hang out together.

Kitchens and Family Rooms

While kitchens are often used for the same purpose, the presence of the typical extra comfortable couch clearly defines the difference between between an entertaining kitchen and an easy family room, with chairs and stools compared to a reclining sectional sofa and ottomans.

The proximity to a kitchen also allows parents busy in the home to monitor family activities in the family room.

Family Room in Sterling, MA for lease-purchase
A family room is casual, versatile and functional compared to a living room

Furnishings in Family Rooms

Furnishings, aside from the strongly attractive soft couch, include sturdy furniture and tables for informal eating, for drinks, TVs and other media for entertainment, gaming equipment, toys, books, and much more, as the purposes can be many and very dependent on the family’s inclinations, rather than any design standard.

The typical use for traditional gift exchanging and unwrapping, explains how the family room is usually the most decorated for the season and where decoration enthusiasts can go overboard without restraint that must be exhibited in more formal areas of the home. Decorations in living rooms and dining rooms should be more of an accent than a mood inducing environment. While in other practical areas of the home like offices and work areas, decorations can be more of a nuisance, in the family room they are part of it and feature regularly throughout the seasons.

For sure, when designing, building, furnishing and decorating a family room, it’s necessary to consider the intense use of the room so, for instance, floors must be wear resistant, electrical outlets must be plentiful, lighting has to be practical, TVs and other media outlets must be large and wi-fi must have good signal!

In poorly planned family rooms, it’s sometimes possible to see the signs of activity on budget flooring and, given the nuisance and cost of a replacement, the purpose of serving as a family room is definitely something that should be planned ahead.

Family Room and Exterior

Another typical feature of a family room is that, as a back room, it often opens to the backyard or a deck, allowing the family activities to expand into the open as the season allows, including BBQ nights and hanging out basking in the sun or around a fire-pit.

Family Room in Sterling, MA for lease-purchase
Family Rooms are the most used room by all family members

Our Sterling Home’s Family Room

In the home that we’re selling in Sterling, we have one of the most gorgeous family rooms and one of the most flexible as it could serve as an informal or more formal room, as many other areas in the home (read about the formal dining room here).

It’s accessible straight from the foyer, but in the back half of the home, spills into the casual dining area, the kitchen is right on the other side of a pass through window, a door opens onto the large deck, bathroom is around the corner and a door conveniently leads down the stairs to the lower level where entertainment expands into a bar, a lounge, gym, sauna, lodge-room and more.

That’s the perfect description of a perfect hub in a home, where family life revolves around a space that is ideally located in the floor-plan.

This home was built around the family room which here is more formal than others, but still the largest room and a very relaxing place for family, as a proper family room should be in these days. With plenty of space, it should allow very easily large family gatherings, but also relatives and guests.

Family Room in Sterling, MA for lease-purchase
Relax and enjoy the views, hanging out with family

Design Statement

However, one of the most obvious features of this room, is the bold statement that it makes thanks to its design and its location. The room boasts floor to ceiling, large windows that overlook the backyard, pool area and golf course, very bright facing south, a large, real wood fireplace, plenty of space for sofas and sitting furniture, quality and durable flooring, accessible from many rooms in and around the main living area, and very importantly visible immediately upon entering the home and through the foyer. With a 2 story high vaulted ceiling, this room is not just large, if feels very large as well.

Interesting to know: In the United Kingdom a family room is a room in a pub where children are allowed, in others, they are not.

While, to the side, the beautiful deck blessed by the sun for most of the day is directly accessible, the view over the meticulously maintained backyard needs to be seen and is pure entertainment in itself thanks to the wide and far field of view possible.

Golf Course

The established golf course guarantees that the views will stay and will not be obstructed by tall and thick tree-land or by new building projects granting to this family room possibilities that many may not have, but the concept of a room where many or most family members spend a lot of time, stays the same as other modern family rooms.

Views and extreme flexibility of a space which is informal, but also very attractive and prestigious, are certainly the main obvious features of the Sterling home family room, the way its’ tied into the amazing flow of this home shouldn’t go unnoticed. It’s so easy to move continuously through the rooms and areas as it’s rarely seen. The floor plan of this home could certainly described as “dynamic”, as opposed to homes which are designed with many interior dead-ends which make moving around awkward and even unpleasant.

This room strongly contributes to making the home stand out on the market of high end homes in the county and beyond, but only a visit in person can really give it justice.

Terms of availability: Rare Opportunity to Acquire such a Home

This home is offered for sale, but can also be sold on a flexible lease-option/lease-purchase or on owner finance/seller finance for the deserving buyer….

Presented by Proxima Investors of Massachusetts

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Family Room in Sterling, MA for lease-purchase
Close proximity to the kitchen is a classic feature for a family room (pass through window)

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Sterling, MA Single Family with Wine Cellar

Wine Cellars and High End Homes: Now Expected by Buyers?

How much would you or should you fancy a Wine Cellar in your next home?

Sterling, MA Single Family with Wine Cellar
Well designed, dedicated room for wine storage and cocktail preparation

In the last couple of decades, Americans have increased their interest in high quality food and drinks. Fueled by food shows and their success accelerating in a virtuous cycle, Americans have reached record levels of demand for gourmet food, before, during, and most likely after the pandemic.

Quality eating and wine

Since high end eating calls for high end drinking, it shouldn’t surprise that the levels of wine sales have also reached new records, over double from the early 1990s.

Wine and sophistication

Wine has typically been associated with high quality and sophistication. It’s only logical that quality food and quality drinks created the perfect market demand for wine.

Wine tasting

It has also become the drink of choice for those who seek high quality drinking even outside meals. Wine tasting is the perfect example.

Wine has found a space in many aspects of modern society, including Real Estate!

The association to high end created the perfect opportunity for wine to enter quality homes by making an impact on recent layout design.

Wine in high end home design

On high end homes, nowadays, whether custom built or standard, you often see wine make its mark in the form of a wine cellar or other wine storing, and maybe consumption, designed area, akin to a wine room or even a completely separate wine tasting room.

Wine Cellars

Generically speaking, wine cellars can range from a purpose designed cabinet to a whole room where wine can be stored and consumed during a party or as an event, maybe even a ritual revolving around wine collecting and enjoying.

The association between wine and high end homes leads to high end designs for the cellars themselves; whether they are closer to the rustic roots of wine or to the sophistication of wine tasting, wine cellars can be as spectacular as many other areas of a high end home can be, often even more.

Wine Cellars as a focal point

The choice of luxury materials, high tech, lighting, layout and space, features and of course wines themselves, can make wine cellars one of the most attractive and interesting areas of a home.

As conversation starters, or places to socialize, wine cellars exceed their original purpose and are a great feature to have in the right type of home and can make the boldest statement.

It used to be, a beautiful pool, a fancy spa, a gym with advanced equipment, a nicely equipped garage, maybe with a fast and shiny sportscar in it; now, the showpiece is often the wine cellar.

High end finishes, advanced technology for lighting and climate control (temperature and humidity are key to fine wine aging and preservation), critical positioning in the house layout are make wine cellars an extremely important feature in an expensive home and very trendy, a true point of pride for the homeowner.

Retrofitted Wine Cellars

That’s also why many luxury residences that didn’t have one originally in place, have wine cellars retrofitted; even a beautiful cabinet can be a desirable feature, but a stocked and kitted room is a major plus and very attractive feature.

Wine Cellars as separate spaces

A separate wine cellar, can be also a nice, quiet and private place to relax and socialize, or even to read or meditate away from all the activity in the home.

How Expected?

Thanks to the trend that doesn’t appear to slow down, we’ve reached the point that a high end home, without a wine cellar, if not a wine room, is expected, rather than just desirable.

Wine Cellars Sell Homes

Not only a home with a wine cellar is more appealing and therefore easier to sell, but it actually may make the difference between selling and the house sitting on the market. If the home for sale is in an affluent neighborhood where most homes have a wine cellar, there’s a strong risk of being the last one sold, if it does sell at all at the expected price.

The lack of a dedicated space for a wine collection may be resolved by retrofitting a space dedicated to storing and enjoying wine, but incorporating a wine cellar into the original design allows to position the area ideally and enjoy it up until the sale.

However, retrofitting a wine cellar for the purpose of fetching a higher price or accelerating a sale is not advisable. The cost and inconvenience to find a suitable area and build a wine cellar or room that doesn’t look like a devaluing afterthought could be greater than the actual benefits. It makes sense when the owner plans on enjoying it well before the actual sale. Remember that a nice cabinet dedicated to storing wine bottles could be all it’s needed to check the box and meet the minimum requirement.

Location in the home

Most wine cellars have 2 specific areas of the homes that are ideal: the basement and the living area.

Basement Wine Cellar and ideal conditions for Wine Storage and Aging

Historically, the basement is the perfect place in a house to carve an area out of for wine storage; ideal temperature and humidity for storing wine are more easily achieved and maintained in under-grade areas of a building, and often occur naturally without any need of correction or human assistance.

Basement areas are also harder to use purposefully and dedicating a space for wine just seems natural and convenient, boosting the value and appeal of the space. Under-grade is actually a great opportunity to achieve the ideal conditions for the proper aging of most wine. It’s easier to recreate the right temperature and humidity (which allows the cork to maintain the seal and avoid air to infiltrate a bottle and oxidize the wine), but also UV rays and light may harm the quality of the wine.

Modern day Technology and flexibility of Wine Storage Location

However, modern day technology has made achieving ideal conditions recreating them almost anywhere in a property. Paired with stylish design and materials, like glass walls, modern lighting, exotic woods and neat storage and layout ideas, wine cellars are becoming more wine rooms where wine can be stored, displayed and tasted. The modern placement of a dedicated wine area can now be in the main living and entertainment area, to show and enjoy while still being in the center of activity during parties or other events, but also during everyday life at home. Chilling in the purpose designed room at the end of the day doesn’t require hiding away in a remote, hidden and often less welcoming basement.

It allows designers to deploy all their mastery and create a beautiful area where wine takes the stage, but it really is aggregating and promotes conversation and socialization, now that it’s not so exclusive as when hidden in the basement.

More inclusive socializing opportunities in modern day Wine Cellars

Many more different personalities can now be included in wine centered moments and reflects recent changes in society and culture, making some previous aspects of life more inclusive of all genders and less biased.

Is a Wine Cellar mandatory today?

For all these reasons, nowadays a wine cellar and wine rooms are a MUST in all high end homes. We are almost to the point that a mansion or the increasingly popular mini-mansions cannot have anything less than a large and high quality climate controlled wine storage and display cabinet to appeal to a suitable high end buyer.

Wine Cellars as a Necessary Feature

The level at which wine rooms make sense during construction or even retrofitting for the purpose of resale value, was defined by a survey that saw homeowners with over $150,000 in income, the most likely to look at a wine cellar or wine room as a necessary feature in the home they are looking to buy.

Below that income, a wine room becomes less and less attractive, until it’s actually considered a waste of space and may turn off buyers.

Wine Cellars in Smaller Homes

It’s understandable that in smaller homes, it’s more important to dedicate space to essential purposes. Wine is a luxurious hobby instead, even for those who treat it more like an investment.

It also attracts higher bills for maintenance and utilities, on top of construction and installation and, of course, stocking good wine.

Appraisals in Homes with Wine Cellars

As far as resale value is concerned, if an appraiser is involved, the presence of a wine dedicated area, whether cellar, room or even cabinet, may push up the final number. Assuming that the wine area is located in a high end home. Just like the lack of one may not necessarily decrease the value, but it wouldn’t boost it either and it could be the factor that gets a buyer off the fence and jump on the listing.

Our listing 17 Sandy Ridge Rd, Sterling, MA

In our home in Sterling, Massachusetts, generous in space and areas for many different uses, a Wine Cellar couldn’t be missing. Located on the lower level, conveniently behind a bar area and in the main informal entertainment area of the house, right at the bottom of the stairs down from the main living area and foyer, a dedicated room allows for stocking plenty of bottles of wine.

While not presently climate controlled, it’s a relatively easy feature to add for the new owner. Should the level of interest for wine be at a very high level of sophistication, the perfect temperatures and humidity levels can be easily produced for storing a collection.

Should wine not be high on the list of priorities of a new owner, it’s also an excellent drink preparation room away from, but right behind, the bar.

With many cabinets and cupboards, not only it allows for storing many wine bottles, but also for all the tools and materials necessary for wine tasting or cocktail making.

The presence of a dedicated wine room is in line with the rest of the property which features many areas of flexible for a multitude of purposes, all while not disrupting a smooth flow throughout the home that brings you from one level and area to another with pleasurable ease.

Terms of availability: Rare Opportunity to Acquire such a Home

This home is offered for sale, but can also be sold on a flexible lease-option/lease-purchase or on owner finance/seller finance for the deserving buyer….

Presented by Proxima Investors of Massachusetts

Call Proxima Investors 617.999.0269 or 617.921.9265 for all the details and info about how to become the owner of this amazing home and schedule a viewing. It’s also on a beautiful golf course, so maybe bring your golf clubs!
Sterling, MA Single Family with Wine Cellar
The Wine Cellar is behind the bar, at the bottom of the stairs.

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Sterling home: Formal Dining Room

2020 Homes: Are Formal Dining Rooms In or Out?

The Formal Dining Room of 17 Sandy Ridge Rd, Town of Sterling, Massachusetts

Sterling MA home for sale, lease-purchase, lease-option, owner finance, seller financing, rent to own: Formal Dining Room
Classic space in family home for formal dining and entertainment

The Traditional Formal Dining Room: Boring?

In many homes nowadays, you can find a separate room, defined and used as a formal dining room.

Often it’s accessible through a door, to mark it’s clear separation from the rest of the home and other areas; unlike informal dining rooms which are often part of other rooms and areas like kitchens and living rooms.

The purpose of such room is clear and has its roots in the tradition of entertaining guests at the dining table on more or less formal occasions in a dedicated space.

It’s often located near or within easy reach of the main entrance, which is also the most formal access to the home.

Formal Dining Room in Modern Times: Appealing?

Then came technology and its effect on our lifestyle. Easy food preparation at anytime and a strong distraction, technology makes eating regularly together for families or on special occasions, not such a priority and a regular occurrence anymore.

17 Sandy Ridge Rd, Sterling, Massachusetts: Modern?

In our Sandy Ridge Rd Home in Sterling, MA, the formal dining room is interpreted in a more modern and contemporary way, in line with the times and with the general style of the property; class and quality meet in a convenient and appealing casual elegance.

Formal Dining Room: Enjoyable?

While the formal dining room enjoys a beautiful view of the meticulously maintained front lawn, it enjoys the peace and quiet of little or no traffic due to the nature of the road, a loop in an exclusively residential neighborhood of high quality and beautiful homes.

The “formality” of this dining room is turned down a little, enough to bring it more in sync with modern times where homes are starting to abandon the concept as families don’t have so much need for such rooms.

Some homeowners have to make a serious effort to convert this type of rooms to more actual purposes.

Flexible Layout: Convenient?

In our Sterling, MA home instead, while it can still be used as a formal dining room as per tradition, it can easily be used, without heavy, expensive and inconvenient modification, as a very flexible room for any other use.

It could easily be used as an extra home office, as one office at home starts to be short of modern day families where, often, at least two require an office space for regular work, rather than the occasional need. In these times of pandemic, many choose or have to have their kids schooled at home (whether entirely in full remote programs, or partially, in hybrid models) and many have the need, hopefully just temporarily as things will have to go back to normal and kids back to school full-time, for a quiet and productive area of the home for those remote video classes.

Reversibility: Winning Feature?

This room is great because it can easily be converted back to a more regular and frequent need.

So Many Possibilities: Fit for Modern Homes?

If the need for a traditional dining room is not present, or an office or school-room, it can be a great craft-room, with the inspiring and relaxing view through a large and bright window.

Alternatively, it can be most likely the best gaming room in the neighborhood, especially if parents want to keep track of their children’s activity, as it’s conveniently located in close proximity to the main living area of the house, near the family room and leading straight into the kitchen, just across the main office room of the property.

Unless art and/or music are big on anyone in the family, because it can work perfectly for those uses also.

Only another much better space in the house makes it not the best option for this particular property, for setting up an exercise room.

Since nowadays high end homes like this one not only offer, but are expected to have a dedicated area for storing and ideally tasting wine or other drinks, this could be a great room for collecting and enjoying them for the fine connoisseur or enthusiast. However, once again, this property offers so much that there is a dedicated wine cellar already present on the lower level, so it becomes about how important is such a dedicated space for the homeowners and then it could possibly dedicated to such sophisticated use.

In times of increased use of personal devices like smartphones and tablets, rather than more social TVs and other media, a TV room may sound redundant and unnecessary, but things have changed a little with the pandemic, with streaming nights with family have increased popularity massively.

The room could also be a beautiful space for a library or a playroom for children, with the central location within the home being a great pro.

Future Proof: Easy to Adapt to the Times, Families and Market

It should be pretty clear of how flexible this space really is, and although thought for dining, it was designed to allow for many other uses…interesting future-proof thinking.

The sense of family is back: Positives of these Crazy Times

The beauty of this room is that, as some families are swinging back to eating together, even if it can’t be as it was before, thanks to the pandemic many are appreciating frequent family gatherings for meals. It appears as if enjoying meals together in the “not so formal” dining room may still have a strong appeal. It’s good to have such room and it looks like a mistake to build a family home without thinking about families wanting to dine together in a dedicated setting. In these days and markets of real estate, it’s good to have one, as long as it’s a space that offers some flexibility of use. If a home, like you see in many new builds where space is precious, doesn’t come with one, it’s hard to build one very easily. It represents an appealing feature that some may be overlooking. Builders may want to enhance space in the obvious areas of the homes for maximum effect, as buyers may not always be able to look at the long term use of a home and not understand the difficulty of altering a layout in case of future changes in circumstances.

Flow throughout: Distinctive Feature of this Home

It’s also worth pointing out how this room ties in and makes it clear of what one of the the best features this home offers: flow; an endless and seamless ability to move from room to room and from area to area.

This room, unlike many traditional formal dining rooms, allows such flow uninterrupted, visually or practically, by the presence of a door; there are two simple yet wide openings, one onto the foyer, right next to the entrance, and another into the kitchen, which is convenient and allows a smooth transition that is rare in other similar layouts.

Conclusion: Good Design

In conclusion, this room fills the traditional requirement for a formal dining room, which is still a smart choice especially in the case of frequent family gatherings. However, if there is no such need, it’s an amazingly flexible type of room that can be configured over and over to adapt to many different needs and uses over time.

The next owner? With Large Family, Many Friends, Taste and Vision

If you are the next owner of this home, think about your priorities and especially those that you weren’t able to satisfy in your previous home, because now you will have a great space to use in so many different ways…

Terms of availability: Rare Opportunity to Acquire such a Home

This home is offered for sale, but can also be sold on a flexible lease-option/lease-purchase or on owner finance/seller finance for the deserving buyer….

Presented by Proxima Investors of Massachusetts

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Sterling home: Formal Dining Room from Outside
Exterior view of Formal Dining Room from lush front lawn

Copyright © 2020 by Proxima Investors. All rights reserved.

In business since 2015, Proxima Investors is Better Business Bureau accredited since 2018 with A+ Rating.

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BBB accredited business in real estate: home sales and home acquisitions
Est. in 2015. BBB in 2018.

Telegram.com House of the Week

Home Featured on Telegram.com!

17 Sandy Ridge Rd Sterling MA was just featured on the Worcester, Massachusetts edition of Telegram.com!

The great features of this home got it featured as the home of the week in the Worcester, MAssachusetts edition of telegram.com. A competently written article about the beautiful home was published with great info and photos of the home!

In the article there is a great amount of information and great descriptions. It would certainly give a great idea to any prospective buyers even before viewing the property. Accompanied by a gallery of photos, although not all areas and rooms could possibly be covered, thanks to the size of the home. It’s over 5000 sq ft which classifies it as a mini-mansion; it has the feeling of space of a mansion without the headache of maintenance and upkeep that a larger mansion would inevitably bring. One of the biggest negatives of large homes is the continuous flow and presence of pros because there’s ALWAYS something that needs to be taken care of.

beautiful 2 story family room for lease purchase, lease option, seller finance, owner financing, massachusetts
Family room as viewed from the above gallery on the second floor

Best features are hard to point out, there are so many and different families may appreciate them differently, but the 2 story family room with centrally located wood fireplace, and with floor to ceiling wide arched windows overlooking the backyard with the saltwater, heated pool area with the golf course in the background, only screened by a line of trees for privacy, definitely stands out. More technical, but definitely a rare find, is the professional gym suite which is designed to provide the best motivation when working out, thanks to the beautiful views from the many windows, rarely seen in any home, as gyms are often an afterthought and relegated to hard to use spaces, like basements without windows or other awkward areas.

best home gym for lease purchase, lease option, seller finance, owner financing, massachusetts
Bay windows are rarely found in home gyms, but this one is at a different level

You can view the article at the following link:


Proxima Investors 2020. As investor optionees, we market our contract position in an option to purchase the property. It can be purchased conventionally, on a flexible lease-option or with seller financing by deserving buyers with appropriate downpayment. We’re not agents or brokers, but welcome buyers’ agents and pay generous referral fees. For all the details, call Denise Rossi @ 617-999-0269.

PhotoVideo of Rent to Own Single Family Home in Sterling, Massachusetts

This PhotoVideo will give you a good feel for the mansion-like home that we’re offering on a rent to own sale contract (we call it lease-purchase, which is short for lease-with-option-to-purchase, rather than just a less sophisticated rent-to-own), the great spaces and many rooms, the upkeep and style, the neighborhood and surrounding grounds, easily by watching a quick 2 minute video…Enjoy!

Interior and Exterior images of Rent to Own Home in Sterling, MA

Rent to Own/Lease-Purchase in Sterling, Massachusetts

Lots to discover in this beautiful home with rooms and areas for many different purposes, in family friendly Sterling Massachusetts, available also on Rent to Own/Lease-Purchase.

Rent to own in Sterling MA
No Banks, No Mortgage, Down Payment to move in



















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Sterling-MA: Rent to Own Home Images

Rent to own in Sterling MA

No Banks, No Mortgage, No Credit, Down Payment to move in and secure the deal to close when ready at locked in price.


Above is one of the many bathrooms in this home, complete with bathtub and walk-in shower. It’s the master bathroom serving the master bedroom conveniently situated on the first floor.

In this composition is also part of the beautiful brickwork at the front of the house, with a grand lawn to separate it from quiet Sandy Ridge Rd, in Sterling, Massachusetts.

Next is the geographical location in Massachusetts and Worcester County, within easy reach of Tax-Free New Hampshire, the city of Worcester well connected to the rest of Massachusetts and its capital, Boston.

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New images in from Sterling MA: Mansion for Lease-Purchase/Rent-to-Own

In a wet and gloomy day, with strong gusts that brought down trees and branches in the whole Worcester County and in the State of Massachusetts, we were able to get some photos of the property that we are listing and selling on lease-purchase/rent-to-own. We now have pictures of both the inside and the outside of the beautiful single family home with the special lighting, brightness and contrast that are typical of days in this type of weather.

Here is a sample of the photos that we are posting on all major socials, blogs, real estate websites and our own dedicated home for sale websites too. We are also emailing them to our subscribers and to interested buyers who send us a request.

lease purchase or rent to own sterling mansion
Main entrance to rent to own home foyer
Main entrance to the mansion from outside to large foyer with high ceiling and beautiful staircase to top floor

The main door to the house abundantly lets in natural light through the door itself and all the side and top windows, including the architectural one one above, nicely arched and generous in size.

All images are being rolled out to all our channels and if you follow us anywhere online, you’ll be able to see them all.

Many photos have already gone public on Zillow and other 3rd party websites, check them out by clicking here.

This fabulous HOME is available for SALE or for RENT-TO-OWN/LEASE-PURCHASE, with no banks or lender credit requirements to secure the deal. For all the info call 617-999-0269.

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