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We are Proxima Investors and we do Real Estate Deals all over New England, from our base in Northborough, Massachusetts, bringing solutions for Home Owners who want to sell and move on fast or Sellers who want the most out of their property. We specialize in Rapid Acquisitions of Sellers’ Properties, Delayed Purchase, Cash Out Deals and Lease-Purchase/Lease-Options to Buyers who want to buy, but are not mortgage ready just yet, as they need a little time to get the funds for a regular Purchase & Sale transaction.

We have been doing deals since 2015 and we are BBB accredited with excellent standing. We also benefit from being part of a national network of similar investors doing similar deals all over the country, on the back of of decades of general real estate investing, professional marketing and with the support of a history of successful business ventures and the support of a legal background.

On a strongly passionate and always exciting mission to help Home Sellers and Home Buyers, our family run business strives to help other similar families to achieve their goals effectively, whether it means selling what is for so many the major asset acquired during their lifetime, by selling for the most and fast, or it means making the dream of home ownership come true and sooner than ever expected, with great benefit to worthy families who can buy a place that they can call home, permanently.

This is our blog where we will publish information related to our business activities or the Real Estate industry.

For more info call: 617-999-0269 or send a message. Thank you!