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Homes and History of East Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Beautiful colonial home on the South Shore of Boston

Old & New come together in this antique home in Plymouth County, MA. Apparently, it was built before the East Parish of Bridgewater (now East Bridgewater), was founded in 1723.

It all starts with the purchase of land by settlers from the local tribe

In 1649, the Indian chief Massasoit deeded to Miles Standish, Samuel Nash, and Constant Southworth, Commissioners appointed by the Colonial government at Plymouth, a tract of land which now includes the four Bridgewaters, a part of Abington, and also of Hanson, for 7 coats, a yard and a half in a coat, 9 hatchets, 8 hoes, 20 knives, 4 moose-skins, and ten yards and a half of cotton. It was purchased by 54 proprietors many of which did not settle there. This contract was made and executed on a small hill in East Bridgewater. This territory was called Satucket.
East Bridgewater became an antique settlement dating back to the 1649 as an expansion of local plantations and initially part of Olde Bridgewater in the Plymouth Colony, in Plymouth County since 1685. It was the East Parish and it was founded in 1723. It separated from Bridgewater completely upon incorporation which occurred in 1823.

In 1723, the east end of the North Parish of Bridgewater, which then included what is now the towns of West and North Bridgewater, together with 9 persons of the South Parish, (now Bridgewater), viz: Barnabas Seabury, Thomas Latham, Charles Latham, Nicholas Wade, Nathaniel Harden, Thomas Hooper, William Conant, Isaac Lazell, and Joseph Washburn, was made by the General Court, the East Parish of Bridgewater. The first meeting-house was built before the parish was formed, having been raised in 1720.

Home construction in East Bridgewater in the 1700s

With this historic profile, it shouldn’t surprise that there was an intense home construction activity in the area. Homes were built in a fairly simple way, compared to today’s standards of home building, but they were built solid and built to last…and they lasted.
There are several examples of 1700s homes in the East Bridgewater area. They easily survived centuries of use and exposure to the elements of the often harsh New England weather, but many have been demolished to make way to new homes, many burned down, others were renovated so much, especially in the structure, that they are hardly the house that was originally built. Others, luckily, have been preserved, restored or rehabilitated and can keep being East Bridgewater families’ welcoming homes.

Proxima Investors and Antique Homes

At Proxima Investors we value antique homes highly and we are very proud to be conducting and directing the preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of a beautiful 1700s home in East Bridgewater, MA at 968 Plymouth St.
With the objective of returning this home to its full, fascinating origins and allow a 21st century family to live comfortably, we are working steadily despite the incredible and unforeseen challenges of the pandemic, with shortage or workers and materials.
However, we plan on completing the project this Summer and immediately offering officially for sale. We believe that the home, with 3+2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms

Did you know: East Bridgewater homes in the 1700s were largely built using local timber and materials only

Home Sale listing schedule

As soon as the renovations reach the final detailing phase, the home will be officially listed and offered to the right buyers!

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To get in ASAP, the best way is to contact us now or before it’s fully marketed to the whole public.

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The market is very active on the buyers’ side and you may want to be proactive if you want to get a chance to view the property, especially its interior.

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Inground swimming pool
Our antique property will not preclude you from modern day luxuries like a large inground swimming pool. Example in photo, current pool undergoing renovation.

Terms of availability: Rare Opportunity to Acquire such a Home

This home will be offered for sale, but can also be sold on a flexible lease-option/lease-purchase or on owner finance/seller finance for the deserving buyer designed around buyers’ needs, goals and expectations. Credit is not a major issue, but a variable amount of money down is required depending on the type of deal and general situation.

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