Blue Espresso!

Blue Espresso like selling houses fast with rent to own programs
Espresso in blue…Rent to Own also in blue!

Blue Espresso! Quick to brew, quick to drink, caffeinated enough to give you speed for a while!

Sounds very much like US, when we sell a home on RENT TO OWN!

It’s a much faster market than the conventional market where realtors and FSBOs typically operate and where things seem to happen when they happen, just jogging along hoping (sometimes praying) that things move…

We offer our properties to extremely motivated buyers who WANT to move FAST and who are in competition with each other. The house is probably the only one that works for them.

That’s why we can pick the most deserving buyers and it’s just unfortunate that many times we have to leave out very worthy families from buying because we can only sell one home at a time…

It’s a very energetic market, highly exciting and rewarding at a personal level, especially when you look at how we can QUICKLY get a seller unstuck and a Buyer in a home they can call their own instead of renting forever and/or wasting so much in a property that will probably never be the one where their kids are raised to when they leave for college or on their own way…

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