Mortgage Denied: The New Norm?

How CoronaVirus related Unemployment will impact Real Estate
and how are Proxima Investors going to offer solutions

Widespread unemployment applications are just the tip of the iceberg. Soon a large part of the workforce will not meet the requirements for a mortgage and it will get even worse as lenders tighten the rules. In this environment, we can help real estate transactions happen by using our everyday tools. We’ve been helping homeowners sell, homebuyers buy and renters step on the property ladder and achieve the very american dream of home ownership. Agents and Brokers are going to be facing huge challenges getting listings that are going to sell and finding buyers who can secure the funds by obtaining a mortgage, to represent. Again, we have the tools to help brokers’ and agents’ clients sell their homes at great terms and make buyers viable takers. We don’t provide services, we just cooperate with agents and brokers so they can help get deals done. We guarantee the hard earned fees and hopefully establish a steady professional relationship that can bring more and more deals despite the challenging times. We are Investors on Terms. We are not agents or brokers, we are not wholesalers or rehabbers, we are not landlords or buy & hold investors. We pay full fair market value and transparent. We are A+ Better Business Bureau accredited and operating in real estate investments for decades. You will be surprised by the amount and type of options that we can present to overcome challenges that were not uncommon, like stale listings, quirky homes, failed inspections, high asking price, and will soon be the new norm; buyers who won’t be able to buy because of the lending industry’s extremely tough requirements. They got tougher in 2008, and now, for a number of reasons including lack of capital and low interest rates, they will get tougher. Additionally, the job market is going to be impacted and heavily revolutionized. The bottomline is very few successful applications. That’s why you may need us to get it done! The first step is to contact us, schedule an introductory call or remote meeting. We can meet, get to know each other enough to then quickly find out if we can help. If you’re in the minority who cannot be helped with our standard methods, we may still be able to help otherwise. Our only limits are the prevailing laws at federal, state and local level, ethics, since we embrace the ethical purpose that we give to our business model and of course, practical convenience as all deals need to be put into the perspective of a business. Call or Text 617.921.9265 anytime to make contact. We look forward to meeting new homeowners, renters, professionals and anybody involved in real estate and that we can assist to achieve their goals!