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Quote: "Domain names and websites are Internet real estate."
American Entrepreneur

Our Main Websites

Proxima Investors

Proxima Investors Official

Official and main website of Proxima Investors, presentation and reference on the internet for our Sellers and our Buyers. Starting point for all.
From Renter 2 Buyer

From Renter 2 Buyer

Official and main website owned and operated by Proxima Investors for Buyers who want to become owners through lease-purchase/rent-to-own. Homebuyers can start here.
More 4 Your Property

More 4 Your Property

Official and main website owned and operated by  Proxima Investors dedicated to Sellers who want to sell to us via our buying programs. Homeowners selling can start here.
Proxima Investors Blog

Proxima Investors Blog

Proxima Investors’ subsite, primary source for images, info, and news on internet. Main reference site for buyers, sellers and all followers for the latest from us.

Our social media channels

Proxima Investors on FB

Proxima Investors Facebook Page

Proxima Investors’ presence on Facebook, follow and like us here for images, info, news.
Proxima Affiliates on FB

Proxima Affiliates Facebook Page


Scheduled for launch in 2020, this is for Proxima Investors affiliates’, referrers’ and rewards program, and for general support of company business.
Proxima Investors Profile on FB

Proxima Investors Facebook Profile

Official Proxima Investors Persona’s Profile on Facebook, you can friend us here!
Proxima Investors on LinkedIn

Proxima Investors Page on LinkedIn

Proxima Investors’ presence on LinkedIn. Professional oriented social media channel for the most business related info, news and images.
Proxima Investors on Twitter

Proxima Investors are on Twitter!

Quick snippets of information, news, announcements and more, including images and videos. Follow us here to stay updated!
Proxima Investors' Pinterest Video Page

Proxima Investors Pinterest Page

For videos about Proxima Investors activities. You can follow us and pin our videos!
Proxima Investors on Pinterest

Proxima Investors Pinterest Profile

For images about Proxima Investors activities, deals, network, stories. Follow us! Pin our images!
Proxima Investors Instagram

Proxima Investors are on Instagram!

Filtered and enhanced imagery from Proxima Investors’ account during the course of business
Proxima Investors Behind The Scenes on Instagram

Proxima Behind The Scenes

Images and info from Proxima Investors posted on Instagram, especially from Behind the Scenes

Our blog sites

Proxima Investors on Tumblr

Proxima Investors tumblr blog

General information resources depository blog for Proxima Investors’ online content.
From Renter 2 Buyer

Proxima Investors on wordpress

Supporting blog on the WordPress platform for Proxima Investors’ online activity.

Proxima Investors on blogger

Supporting blog on the Blogger-Blogspot platform for Proxima Investors’ online activity.