Investors on Terms: Introduction

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PROXIMA INVESTORS are Investors on Terms!

Our primary objective in the course of our real estate investing business is to leverage deal terms to achieve a solution for Sellers, Buyers and all involved in our deals getting them done!

Hadley MA: Rent to Own homes by Proxima Investors

by Proxima Investors of Northborough, MA

Homes get sold and Sellers succeed. Buyers are able to Purchase. Everyone gets what they want and need, are paid and everyone is happy and able to move on.

Not many know exactly what a deal on terms is; it seems useful and maybe even necessary to clarify what we mean by being Investors on Terms.

A small series of articles as posts in this blog will attempt to explain how Investing on Terms works. Keep in mind that it may widely differ from what and how other investors use similar methods; they may be in different niches, states, deal with different properties and types of Sellers and Buyers.

This is just the INTRODUCTION so you know what it’s about.

We will start by describing the CONTEXT which is important to define the role and the activity of Investors on Terms.

Then we will go straight to our own DEFINITION of Investors on Terms with details about the meaning of the term.

Some EXAMPLES in the following blog post will be very useful to understand the concept of Investments on Terms in practical terms to see what it’s like in a realistic environment.

What do Investors on Terms mean for Sellers, Buyers and their properties and how they affect the situation of all investment PARTIES.

PROXIMA INVESTORS, Deals on Terms and how they fit in our business model of real estate investing in the residential niche.

Our FINAL THOUGHTS about Investors and Investments on Terms will follow to go back to the whole picture and conclude our explanations.

Finally, space for QUESTIONS and COMMENTS, which are a great way to get a better understanding of the idea of Investments on Terms and its applications in individual situations.

As a bonus, we will progressively compile a GLOSSARY of the Investors on Terms niche for quick reference with useful links to more info.

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Investors on terms
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