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The 5 TOP benefits of SELLING your property TO US:

We sell faster than the average conventional Purchase & Sale, whether FSBO or via a realtor. Our fastest? In 2019 we located a buyer in less than 24h! That was insane! Generally, we sell at the speed that our Seller requires and that we agree upon. We almost always surprise our sellers by selling it too fast and we have to wait for them to move out! usually not a problem, but try be prepared!

We don’t charge fees to the Seller like a realtor, we pregree a price and if there are any discounts or concessions, they are 100% on us. Agreed cash out is guaranteed for sellers. In our process there are fewer uncertainties, contingencies that can be tactically be used to get further concessions, and we are a tough counterpart for any buyer represented by an agent, that’s one of the reasons why agents hate us!

Since we don’t charge the seller, you have a team of professionals to buy and sell your home. We have learned, we trained for, we implemented and have experience with most of the 20 ways and more of buying a real estate property. We have a combined experience in real estate of decades and we focus on the result, but we can use any method that the federal, state and local law supports. We are not limiting ourselves to just the ordinary ways of selling or renting like realtors. We have so many more tools in our shed and most realtors see us as a threat because we can provide sellers with so many more options that help them achieve their targets and with NO fees. We have high ethical standards and working efforts. So that’s why we get it done!

Limited to some of the deals that we make, Credit Enhancement for the Seller comes from our timely payments towards their debt, if that’s what the Seller wants. In that case where we take over their obligations, we fulfill them in the sellers name, so the credit points for such payments¬† improve their credit score. With the proper documentation prepared by our lawyers, many lenders write off the obligations in assessing DTI ratio, so that’s a double win for our sellers and a definite upside, but only in some of the deals we offer!

We modeled our business around our own life challenges of the past when we started a family. The classic Purchase & Sale transactions were not beneficial to us and didn’t offer an improvement on our family situation. We then discovered other options in the real estate market, which realtors don’t advertise because they lack the ability and the will to offer them. We then decided to focus on young deserving families and Sellers can be part of the project and feel good while they enjoy all the other more practical benefits

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