Selling haunted homes in Massachusetts

Disclose or not disclose?

Since it’s Halloween, let’s see what the law says about haunted homes, murder, suicide, paranormal activity, which happened or, allegedly, are happening in the building in Massachusetts.

Stigmatized properties for sale in Massachusetts and Sellers’ disclosures

When Selling a home, a Seller has to abide by many rules and guidelines. Some of these are pertinent to facts that may affect the building, and in turn the transaction, and that the law may or may not require a seller to disclose.

A stigmatized property is a property in which paranormal activity is reported or suspected, or where heinous events have occurred, such as murder, suicide or both. The law also considers an association of the property a certain illness, but that has lost much of its impact nowadays, so it’s more about the former occurrences.

Each individual, seller or buyer, has a different sensitivity to the issue of stigmatized homes and for many it’s not an issue at all. The issue of disclosure of these events and situations could add uncertainty in a transaction if not clear.

Scary ghostly figures in haunted building..

There are already so many hurdles, like inspections, appraisals, concessions, fees, assists, waivers, endless negotiations and other disclosures that having to reveal a “paranormal presence” in a house could jeopardize a done deal by spooking even very motivated buyers.

The creaky floors could be something easy to fix and not likely to hold up a Purchase & Sale, but should they be thought to be due to paranormal activity and not having been disclosed by the seller, it could create an insurmountable issue. If it emerges after signatures have been exchanged it could provide a solid reason for legal claims based on lack of disclosure.


Unlike California, where you can go back 3 years and more for psychologically impacting events on the property, it’s not the case in Massachusetts! The law clearly states that, as it doesn’t fall in the category of material facts which have to be disclosed, it’s unnecessary “to disclose the fact that the property was the site of “…felony, suicide or homicide” or “…that the real property has been the site of an alleged parapsychological or supernatural phenomenon.”


No disclosure of any stigma on a property for sale is legally necessary in Massachusetts for a Seller, but for a Landlord or Lessor also.

Buyer Beware and due diligence


The general “Caveat Emptor” (Buyer beware) rule applies here for home buyers and buying investors, who are expected to perform their due diligence in general, but especially with regards to this specific issue if they’re sensitive to such a property. If you’re a buyer, it would be advisable to talk to neighbors, research public records, and just ask clear and direct questions, especially if there’s a doubt, maybe rumors, maybe a feeling.

If home buyers ask clear questions about any stigma on the property, the seller cannot misrepresent or make false statement without giving cause of action, with half-truths also providing an opportunity for a successful lawsuit.


What sellers can do, is to provide information voluntarily. If they so choose, it’s their prerogative, but NOT obligation and buyers can’t claim it as a right to have that information disclosed.


If the seller is represented by an agent, in the same way no disclosure is necessary. Due to the fiduciary nature of the relationship between agent and seller, the agent cannot provide the information voluntarily, unlike the sellers, and unless the sellers themselves authorize or instruct the agent to do so. The agent can always decline to represent the seller or terminate an agreement already in place if the information emerges after establishing the contractual relationship.


If an investor, like us at Proxima Investors, is involved in the sale, depending on the type of underlying deal, the investor is subject to the same disclosure rules as the seller, holding equitable interest in the property.


At Proxima Investors we have not come across a situation of stigmatized properties where it was a concern. However, since Massachusetts and New England in general, are old states with many antique and beautiful homes which have witnessed a lot. Homes can have a long and known history and the creaks and noises of old homes can be unsettling and inspire stories passed down over centuries, and sometimes made more “interesting”. Think about Salem in the 1600s when Massachusetts was a very populous state with lots going on. It’s only a matter of time that we will run into this issue. We already have invested in old and antique homes, which can be difficult to sell in this market, and we love them. Should the issue at some point arise, we believe that it should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, as property stigmatizing events and situations have a different psychological impact depending on their uniqueness and the specific circumstances.

The bottomline for us is that we don’t have to disclose, but if there’s a particularly unsettling story linked to the house, we would probably not invest in it anyway…

Proxima Investors of Massachusetts are not attorneys and we do not provide legal advice and only state our opinions. Check with your attorney of choice before making any decision based on the content of this article. A useful resource can be found by clicking the link below to the relevant section of the state law: Real estate transactions; disclosure; psychologically impacted property.

Massachusetts Law Reference:

Home exterior, front yard with spookie Halloween decorations in the front yard


PhotoVideo of Rent to Own Single Family Home in Sterling, Massachusetts

This PhotoVideo will give you a good feel for the mansion-like home that we’re offering on a rent to own sale contract (we call it lease-purchase, which is short for lease-with-option-to-purchase, rather than just a less sophisticated rent-to-own), the great spaces and many rooms, the upkeep and style, the neighborhood and surrounding grounds, easily by watching a quick 2 minute video…Enjoy!

Interior and Exterior images of Rent to Own Home in Sterling, MA

Rent to Own/Lease-Purchase in Sterling, Massachusetts

Lots to discover in this beautiful home with rooms and areas for many different purposes, in family friendly Sterling Massachusetts, available also on Rent to Own/Lease-Purchase.

Rent to own in Sterling MA
No Banks, No Mortgage, Down Payment to move in



















The QR code brings you straight to the dedicated section on the website for more pictures, photos, images and information.

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Sterling-MA: Rent to Own Home Images

Rent to own in Sterling MA

No Banks, No Mortgage, No Credit, Down Payment to move in and secure the deal to close when ready at locked in price.


Above is one of the many bathrooms in this home, complete with bathtub and walk-in shower. It’s the master bathroom serving the master bedroom conveniently situated on the first floor.

In this composition is also part of the beautiful brickwork at the front of the house, with a grand lawn to separate it from quiet Sandy Ridge Rd, in Sterling, Massachusetts.

Next is the geographical location in Massachusetts and Worcester County, within easy reach of Tax-Free New Hampshire, the city of Worcester well connected to the rest of Massachusetts and its capital, Boston.

The QR code brings you straight to the dedicated section on the website for more pictures, photos, images and information.

For more info and photos check back here and/or click here: Sterling MA Home for Rent-to-Own/Lease-Purchase (our Buyers’ dedicated website) or our main website Proxima Investors.

Time for Something Blue!

The blue color of Real Estate

The tangibility of Real Estate property, especially homes, is greatly appealing to professional investors and even more to consumer investors! it’s often the most important expense and financial commitment in their lives and therefore their lives are in great part influenced by this important choice. Being tangible, gives the owner a much stronger feeling of control, stability and comfort and that is always a great potential for bringing great benefits, practical, financial and emotional for the owner, the family, the neighborhood and, ultimately, the country.

Check out our mansion-home in Sterling, Massachusetts for sale and for lease-purchase/rent-to-own!



New images in from Sterling MA: Mansion for Lease-Purchase/Rent-to-Own

In a wet and gloomy day, with strong gusts that brought down trees and branches in the whole Worcester County and in the State of Massachusetts, we were able to get some photos of the property that we are listing and selling on lease-purchase/rent-to-own. We now have pictures of both the inside and the outside of the beautiful single family home with the special lighting, brightness and contrast that are typical of days in this type of weather.

Here is a sample of the photos that we are posting on all major socials, blogs, real estate websites and our own dedicated home for sale websites too. We are also emailing them to our subscribers and to interested buyers who send us a request.

lease purchase or rent to own sterling mansion
Main entrance to rent to own home foyer
Main entrance to the mansion from outside to large foyer with high ceiling and beautiful staircase to top floor

The main door to the house abundantly lets in natural light through the door itself and all the side and top windows, including the architectural one one above, nicely arched and generous in size.

All images are being rolled out to all our channels and if you follow us anywhere online, you’ll be able to see them all.

Many photos have already gone public on Zillow and other 3rd party websites, check them out by clicking here.

This fabulous HOME is available for SALE or for RENT-TO-OWN/LEASE-PURCHASE, with no banks or lender credit requirements to secure the deal. For all the info call 617-999-0269.

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Stuff happens…

Sometimes, when you’re heading home to grab your things and head out for an appointment to view a home to buy, this happens…

puncture before buying a house
Hurdles between Proxima Investors and a house to buy

A nice screw (washer included, maybe it’s a good thing) through a month old tire. Classic from tire kicking up the screw that was dropped in the middle of the road, then puncturing the rear which is less than two months old.

That forced us to rush to the nearest tire repair establishment before we had to be towed or had to take the wheel off.



Northborough Massachusetts Tire Shop

We brought it in for repair and luckily it was fixed so quickly that we were able to head out almost on schedule. Thanks to the New England Tire Care Car Center in Northborough, who plugged the tire from the inside, which apparently is great, and pleasantly for us, they did so ahead of schedule.They underpromised and overachieved, always a customers’ favorite! Good to have in Northborough!


Traffic on the interstate
Bumper to bumper traffic slowdown

Soon after getting on the way to Western Massachusetts, we inevitably hit this on the interstate…Big slowdown and stop and go traffic for no apparent reason, just a lot of stop and very little go, until it suddenly opened up. You’ve got to love electric cars in bumper to bumper situations!



Proxima Investors car in sunset
reaching destination on time

Again, luckily we still made it within 3-4 minutes of the agreed upon time.

The idea was to cause the least disruption possible, because kind tenants, who are moving out soon, were going to show us the property on behalf of the owners and we didn’t want to cause unnecessary inconvenience.



The home we’re interested in buying turned out to be really nice, with some amazing space, in a beautiful setting and a really pretty town which, as many other New England towns, looked picturesque in the light and colors of a late afternoon in the Fall with great weather…It certainly helped that we arrived in the late afternoon with the sun to the West and being able to see the warm light of sunset hitting the West side of the house, which is also where the main entrance and a long balcony is situated.


Maybe we will buy it, maybe not, the seller is very savvy and reasonable which is always a critical factor in making a deal that works for all, and what we really appreciate is also that the seller is responsive, available and easy to talk with. However, we’re early in the process and our deals are very detailed and thorough, so it may take a few days just to know for sure. I really want to thank the very nice couple who lives there taking time out of their day to show us around. Kudos to them also for an overall very well kept home. I know they bought another home and they are moving on to a place with an amount of space that they can handle efficiently, since the kids have or are moving out and this house is really spacious. Thanks again!


The bottom line and the whole point is that if you make an effort to create buffers between your commitments and what can get in the way, even very unexpectedly, you can still fulfill your obligations and not fall short of your promises like we do in all our deals.

Northborough MA based residential property investors
Home Sales in Massachusetts and New England

We set up buffers to soften unintended problems, which inevitably occur, so it’s never too stressful having to find a solution

and the timeline is always preserved and kept within our windows.

As an example, if we foresee monthly carrying costs for $1,700, we budget $2,000, so if taxes go up, we’re not caught short and have to scramble to cover the payment out of the project budget; or if we think that a deal is going to be completely executed in 24 months, we factor in an extra 6 months, maybe in the form of an extension so we have a checkpoint to reorganize and get it done; or like in this case, if we commit to a 5 o’clock appointment, we aim for 4:00 so we can use the extra time to resolve any possible issues which often arise at the very last moment. There are many areas of different levels of importance where we do this.

Because caution when investing in real estate lets you stay in real estate successfully.

Things happen, it’s about preventing, controlling, minimizing and making up for them while moving forward to finally achieve the set targets, with our home sellers and buyers.

In the end it was a much nicer trip than it looked like even before we started out!

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