Apple Users: Careful, Scam Alert!

Scammers in action targeting unaware Apple product users with unsolicited and automated phone calls


At Proxima Investors we feel that one of the great perks of being BBB accredited (2019: 2nd year now, 5th in business) is that we get very useful alerts about scams floating on the internet or even offline. This time it’s an attack on Apple users that is carried out with unsolicited automated phone calls that show on caller ID as from Apple Inc, and have some appearance of legitimacy apparently coming from (800) My-APPLE. If you answer they will inform you of some kind of compromise of the security of your information. They urge to act on it right away, possibly giving you another number that looks genuine, to call back. In any case, as always, do NOT give out any information in general, and especially if it’s not you calling. If in doubt, look up the official customer service number on the Apple website and call it directly yourself, we found: 800–692–7753, but look it up. You can find more info on the BBB website here:…/20265-scam-alert-new-iphone-scam-is-s…. (While you’re there you can check our rating here:…/real-es…/proxima-investors-0261-326310). The urgency that scammers convey should be revealing, but always double check and good luck! Thanks BBB from Proxima Investors! and

Mortgage and Lease-Purchase

Shopping for a Mortgage in a Lease-Purchase Deal

Mortgage Shoppers need time to find the best deal!!!

mortgage, investment, real estate and property purchase and sale
Shopping for mortgages to fund the purchase and sale of a residential property

There are numerous pros in Real Estate Lease-Purchase Deals compared to more traditional ones, but many of them are focused on financing, typically a classic funding tool, a mortgage. It’s a fairly complex process and it takes time and effort, so particularly time is key in securing a loan to purchase a property with good terms, such as interest rates and so on.

In a traditional purchase, the deal is formally initiated by an offer from a potential buyer that is accepted by the seller. It typically comes contingent to obtaining the funds needed to close within a certain timeframe.

For obvious and less obvious reasons the deadline has to be clear and short term, otherwise the longer it takes and the more significant stress will the seller have financially if the deal eventually falls through. examples of the issues which may either arise or amplify are the loss of value of the property, the difficulty in finding another interested buyer, attracting opportunistic businessmen, uncertainty for the future which may make any exact plan very hard to imagine.

Buyers find themselves under pressure if they don’t want to lose the property which would be typically taken off the market in a “pending sale” or “under contract” or similar status. The seller needs to close in a reasonable timeframe to minimize or faces the above issues.

A mortgage application is a process which requires time or it could be unsuccessful
The underlying issues of a conventional seller as opposed to a lease-purchase seller

To pile on, in the easily accessible information age we find ourselves in nowadays, these events are public domain and very few buyers don’t do online research on the properties they’re interested in. When they encounter changes of status, price drops, extended periods of time of active listings and so on, they are much less attracted and may perpetuate the issues.

That’s also why some sellers want to deal with buyers who are preapproved or can provide proof of sufficient funds, or impose other conditions, but the typical effect is to scare off probably most buyers. It’s a strategy that appears to work with sellers with strong leverage and no urge to sell, willing also to deal with the effects of that strategy for a while. Not many who are on the market are in that position, though.

The bottomline is that the traditional process, while it may usually complete smoothly, it could also present challenges difficult to overcome and definitely jeopardize any plan to sell and make the most of what is often the most significant investment that a family makes in a lifetime.

A Lease-Purchase Deal is different, because one of the core features among so many is that with the property what is sold is also time. A period is granted to allow credit dents and defects to be fixed and the general financial picture to be polished and enhanced to the point that a mortgage which was overwhelmingly difficult to get, could then be much more easily closed on and with much better terms. The longer time would allow not only credit enhancements in a “bank friendly” way, but also to shop around for the best deal because time would allow to make the most of many more opportunities.

Stressed home buyers and even more stressed home sellers
The stress for sellers in traditional sales contingent to the buyer getting the funds with a mortgage

It’s also worth mentioning that a home available for Lease-Purchase (some call it Rent-To-Own or similar) attracts much more interest than on the conventional market, which is currently much more of a buyers market than it’s often described, because those who are in the position to get a mortgage are a small percentage of the population and can afford to be “difficult”, while in the “unconventional” market like that of Lease-Purchase transactions, buyers are much more motivated, like Renters who are tired of paying someone else’s mortgage, people in temporary accommodation of some sort who want a stable home for the family, and so on, but mostly with issues which don’t allow them to look on the conventional market.

And this is when and why we, at Proxima Investors, step in and solve the sellers problems by taking the property out of the conventional market and placing it in the less conventional Lease-Purchase market. After agreeing on terms with the sellers and getting equitable interest on the property, we almost instantly get plenty of interest, find all viable buyers, pick the best for the specific deal, design a Lease-Purchase in all the details in lawyer prepared and supervised contracts to suit all parties, and the seller is able to quickly move on and the buyer to move in.

We welcome all enquiries from Home Sellers and Buyers, about all the types of deals we can offer including Lease-Purchase, but also other ways to help Sellers close their sale and Buyers close their purchase.

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